“Emacs is not an editor.  Emacs is a way of thinking about the world and as such is a way of thinking about editors. When you ask what Emacs does, you are asking a question with no answer, because Emacs doesn’t do, it is done to. Emacs just is …  I hope this makes things clearer.” – Scott Dorsey

I have been working with Emacs since 1996. Prior to that – AutoCAD, mainly programming in Lisp. After using Emacs, Smallworld & Magik for some time I have started adding some features and functions, which helped me to do my work more efficiently. The Six Sigma Green Belt project, while working for GE, was Emacs customization, which showed quantified savings in the development time/cost. Now, apart from GE Smallworld products consulting and development, I am still making additions to the Emacs when I find something interesting or somebody asks for a specific feature.

On this site I have decided to show the features which I am using in my work, which some of you might find useful. For those who are using this extended version of the Emacs – they might find something new, those who do not – might find a reason to upgrade.


-Igor G Lapitski