Emacs features highlighted in this video:

  • F2-t – Add a trace statement above the current statement.
  • F3-t – Add a trace statement below the current statement.
  • F4-s – Add a debug statement at the current line of magik.
  • F3-d – Toggle transmission of #DEBUG statements in Magik code.
  • Use ‘Alt-x all <Enter>’ or the icon to list\EDIT all lines matching a given regexp in *All* buffer. Changes made in the *All* buffer  propagated to the original buffer. Use ‘F3-j’ from *All* buffer to go to a match in the original file. Note that changes to the `*All*’ buffer are propagated back to the original buffer.
  • Alt-s o – Show all lines in the current buffer containing a match for REGEXP.
  • F9 – Mark the current method. Repeated commands extends the marked region to include the next method as well.
  • Ctrl-Alt-\ – Indent selected/marked region
  • Ctrl-s Ctrl-w – to append next word or character in buffer onto the end of the search string, and search for it.
  • Alt-Spc|F5-b|Alt-F5 – set|loop|edit – series of ‘breadcrumb’ bookmarks with quick cycling though them.


Since I’m just molding this site, please be forgiving in reviewing it. In fact, what I’d love is your opinion. Please comment on each video/feature to help me refine them all. The end result will be a useful set of tools for you, me, and everyone else.

In order to see the details – this video is best to view in the full screen HD mode.

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