Emacs features highlighted in this video:

  • Speedbar (F11) – a special skinny frame with a specialized directory listing in it. This listing will have both directories and filtered files in it. You can then load files into your Emacs buffer, or expand the files to display all the methods/progs/constants/…. in them and jump to those tags. You can also expand multiple directories into your Speedbar frame.
  • Save/Restore editing Sessions, which allows you with one click of a button to load multiple files from a previous closed editing session. Even a cursor positions in the open files will be preserved from the previous session.
  • By ‘Ctrl-x Ctrl-b‘ a buffer named *buffer-selection* pops up and then
    – choose a buffer by RETURN or ‘f’ or ‘F’
    – quit selection by                     ‘q
    – toggle configurations by      ‘c
    – save a buffer by                      ‘s
    – toggle read-only by              ‘%
    – delete a buffer by                   ‘d
  • Alt-f – Select different visible frame on current display, and raise it. All frames are arranged in a cyclic order.
  • Alt-b – Select ‘next-window’ in current frame. All windows(buffers) are arranged in a cyclic order.


Since I’m just molding this site, please be forgiving in reviewing it. In fact, what I’d love is your opinion. Please comment on each video/feature to help me refine them all. The end result will be a useful set of tools for you, me, and everyone else.

In order to see the details – this video is best to view in the full screen HD mode.

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